Open Studios

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I’ve signed up for Devon Open Studios in September 2019. This is definitely an act of faith, because the ‘studios’ are very definitely not in any state for making, however, this provides a target to work towards. A date set to clear out and make the pigsty habitable for kilns, glaze materials and storage. There is another space I can use for clay work which requires the knocking through of a window and some breeze blocks to unite the pigsty and this middle room, relatively ‘easy’ to do, but not on the essential list.

The Pigsty

For some reason the piggery has blue and yellow panes of glass, so they have to be cleaned up as a matter of urgency, because they are deeply upsetting. The plastic tub in the foreground was submerged next to the Castor Oil plant up against the wall (why?) and discovered when my wellie went in up to the top. Because there is soil three feet up the wall we will also have to dig around the building and shore up the soil so that rainwater drains around and not through the sty. This side was also covered in thick ivy which I’ve managed to gradually remove. Sorting out rotten wood windows, painting the breeze blocks and sourcing new secondhand doors will make all the difference. I doubt it will all be done by September – we have so much to do in the garden to create useable, fertile veg beds to feed us in the future, but it’s something to aim for.

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