Brian Graham at Sladers Yard

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Rainbarrows (2018)

Sladers Yard Gallery in West Bay, Dorset is always worth a visit; beautiful rustic old building, nice cake, and a consistently good selection of artists exhibiting. I have known Brian Graham nearly twenty years, from when I first started organising exhibitions in Swanage and Purbeck. His paintings, for me, have a Tapies quality which I love; thick textural layers, like he’s painting landscapes with the very mud and sand he is referencing. This shows inspiration was Thomas Hardy – moody, overgrown, but not necessarily bleak. Last year at Salisbury Museum he had a solo show of a large number of paintings based on favourite pieces of music, ‘Towards Music’ which I took my one year old grand daughter to see. Despite her infant eyes, she was quite taken with specific pieces, and the staff were particularly child friendly as well. Here in West Bay, Adela Powell’s ceramics were a suitable foil for his work – simple vessels (plate, bowl, bottle) with interesting, textured / volcanic glazes.

Graham, B. (2019) The Great Heath. Sladers Yard, West Bay.