Making bowls

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Three bowls, three methods, same mould

Experimenting with materials and moulds. l – r (1) porcelain slip in mould (rather thick because it hadn’t been used for over a year), (2) press moulded porcelain, (3) porcelain over hump mould (original shape for mould). On reflection I prefer the profile of the middle but lightness of the hump mould bowl. In addition, the inside of the right hand bowl is perfectly smooth; to get the press mould smooth inside is much much harder. Using slip gives a uniformity to the shape but adding texture is more problematic and contrived, so then reliant on glaze or, for me, thinness which is where I would go with using slip, adding paper clay for strength. An interesting exercise, as a means to get going making again; looking at shapes, profiles, textures, additional media, and then glaze choices.