Anna Boghiguian at Tate St Ives

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What an enjoyable show this is currently at Tate St Ives. I had no idea who she was but was so glad I visited. From Egypt but an extensive traveller, recording along the way in sketchbooks which were many and varied in look and nature. Plenty of 2D work but also installations which filled rooms. (Above middle and right) Part of the recreation of her studio – clay heads painted with acrylic, the blue one having a glass eye, and the hanging one reminding me of Judith Scott’s wrapped objects which I love so much. I forget that if an object is not in constant use it doesn’t have to be glazed – it could also make life so much simpler! I liked the glossy contrast of the glass eye with the matt paint surface – slightly creepy.

Large and multi faceted installation which included walking over salt. Above image was part of a wooden boat decorated with sand and paint, reminding me of the massive Tapies canvases I saw in Barcelona, another reminder of volcanic textured glazes.

Huge pieced and appliqued hanging. No idea what the title is, but I loved the navy blue plant-like motif crawling up the Turkey red fabric.

View from the Tate. There is Robin in the centre on his white bespoke Williams board, pondering the next wave. What a perfect place to visit – gorgeous turquoise sea and interesting art exhibitions.

Tate St Ives. (2019) Anna Boghiguian. Available from: