Progress in the pigsty

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This was a long time coming and not on the agenda to start renovating anytime soon. However, when I started scraping the windows painted yellow and blue (why?) it was inevitable that we’d continue to clear out the pigsty; rotten tables, mouldy tea chests, earth, massive dangly cobwebs, etc. There was a door into the other spaces that had been blocked up (again, why?) so Robin thoroughly enjoyed knocking that through, and what a difference it makes; more light, and easy access through the outbuildings. Today, we began painting the walls, and by the end of the weekend Robin hopes to have built benches along the walls and put up shelves. Amazing. A place transformed into useable space instead of a cobwebby dumping ground.

Whilst clearing out I found an old exercise book belonging to ‘Stephanie’, it looks old, the drawings are gorgeous, and the handwriting early formative, copying the teacher. A mystery who it belongs to as the daughter of the previous owner was called Moira, plus she writes that her family have moved to a new house, so why is it in the pigsty, under an old table top? I can feel a crime thriller evolving as I write … The ratty old peg doll (above) is really sweet too; been through the mill, but bottle top hat and pigtails still intact, although the tape on her dress is de-sticking.