‘Fragility’ at Hoxton Arches

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I managed to get some shots of two of my pieces before everything else went up on the walls at Hoxton. I love the plinth Robin made for me out of the abandoned leaded windows found in the garden of our new home. Knuckledusters addresses issues of perceived material fragility – porcelain which can be in fact incredibly robust. aggression : self worth / hard material : delicate luxury / gender politics : unthinking / domestic : abuse / power : play / fragility : strength. Cocktail sticks, dusters, ‘J’-cloths, nails, tulle & pins, bristles – the life of a 1950’s wife which is not so dissimilar still today for many women. Funeral for a species concerns the imminent extinction of some bird species well known to us all. Over fishing, climate change, intensive farming, pet exploitation and a Chinese delicacy are primary factors for the imminent extinction of puffins, Snowy Owls, Turtle Doves, Grey Parrots, and Yellow Breasted Buntings. Globalisation, greed, overconsumption. Loss. BirdLife International. (2018) State of the world’s birds: taking the pulse of the planet. Cambridge, UK: BirdLife International. 

Prism. (2019) Fragility. Hoxton Arches, London.