Phyllida Barlow ‘Cul-de-sac’ at the RA

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Last weekend I was in London to deliver three pieces of work to Hoxton Arches for the Fragility exhibition, and managed to squeeze in the Royal Academy’s Phyllida Barlow show. Three rooms at the back of the building which you had to be quite determined to find. However, once found it was a rewarding experience. Over-sized making. Feeling like an ant amongst giants, particularly the tall canvasracks; 2018-2019 the overwhelming urge to touch, stroke, feel, walk in and around, look back, peep through. I felt it was an engaging collection of work, if only we could have interacted completely by being able to touch the concrete, paint, fabric textures. She hasn’t used precious materials – often incorporating reclaimed wood and structures, so where is the harm?

Barlow, P. (2019) Cul-de-sac. Royal Academy, London.