Off to Vienna

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This piece is off to Vienna this afternoon, to be part of a show at BACHT showroom in the First District. Jewellery // Sculpture highlights work which inhabits both adornment and ‘fine art’. Something that can be worn on the wall as well as the body. This is where a lot of my writing and ceramic work is sited. For me touch and feel are so intrinsic in how we understand art, especially sculpture; as I mentioned in an earlier blog about visiting Phyllida Barlow’s exhibition recently at the RA, I really wanted to feel the cast concrete surface, was it really as smooth as it looked?

Things that I make frequently inhabit a liminal space – where sculpture becomes adornment, and rings hang on a wall. Feather Boa evolved within this convergence of art and jewellery. A simply crafted feather shape becomes something beyond its wildest dreams when it is multiplied to be one part of many, evolving every time it is displayed or worn. Sculpture is untouchable, jewellery is haptic art. This piece questions traditional use of materials, while playing with forms for the wall and / or the body, producing an intimate experience of sculptural work. Look, See, Touch, stuff which possess an interactive element as opposed to the distant gaze of the white cube, where tactile qualities, and handling of the object enhance understanding, and complete the work. This is art that seems to belong to one genre but also inhabits other worlds. Combining found materials with elements handmade out of clay mixes strategies from fine art with traditional techniques of ceramic and jewellery. By testing the boundaries of these materials I am encouraging risk, creating discrete objects that question the role of the discarded – work that comfortably inhabits the liminal. Objects which are undecidable. This is where I play

Jewellery // Sculpture runs from 18 July to September 2019 at BACHT store, Bauernmarkt 8, 1010 Vienna.