Précieux !? at Alliages Gallery, Lille

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As part the Precious Collective group of contemporary art jewellers, Robin and I travelled via Eurostar to Lille to take our work to be shown all summer at Alliages gallery in Lille, northern France. What a wonderful experience. To start with, travelling by train is the way to go in future – far less hassle than by plane – and then being thoroughly cared for, for three days by the very lovely Juan Riusech (above right with Lynne Speake, chief organiser and inspiration). The gallery appeared to be quite compact on arrival, I did wonder how we were going to display 30 jewellers work, however, Juan has done this a few times! As we unpacked work and tried different setups over the morning, it became very clear to me that here was a very special space – tardis-like – it stretched and moulded around the pieces, so that by the time of the Private View the objects showed their best side.

Feather Boa

I brought Feather Boa which takes on a new look each time it is displayed – so versatile and adaptable.

Maria Garcia flew in from Madrid to attend the PV. She is in her second year of studies there, and I think will be successful in the future. It was lovely to meet yet another member of the Precious Collective. Overall, the range and variety of materials and techniques was inspiring; handling the pieces when laying them out highlighted the fact that so many of them were wearable sculptures; sculptural pieces which COULD be touched, stroked and felt, rather than just gazed at from a distance because it’s ART.

The weather was wonderful after weeks of rain at home, and we enjoyed exploring the city of Lille, which next year will be the Cultural Capital of the World, so is undergoing some extraordinary architectural building works everywhere. Above is the lovely Lucy Spink with Robin in the main square, with some great finds from the Oxfam shop I discovered. Juan truly made us all welcome during our short stay, so I hope it will not be the last time we get to work with him in the future. Précieux !? will be open until 7 September 2019 at Espace Apace:Art, 111 Boulevard Victor Hugo, F 59000 Lille, France.