Boa at BACHT

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In my final essay at Bath Spa, I wrote about jewellery for the first time [I hadn’t been looking that way up until the final semester]. I considered that some contemporary art jewellery had the possibility of being mini sculptures; to be worn on the body or hung on the wall. This is the world my own ceramic work inhabited; ambiguous language, existing in a liminal space where wearable sculpture can be touched, stroked, held, instead of gazed from a distance. This is the wonderful difference where tactile, haptic art can be experienced intimately. So I am delighted to be taking part in an event curated by AA-Collected in Vienna this summer. The BACHT store is showing fifteen international jewellery makers who play along the thin line which wearable and sculpture straddle. There was a few days last week when we feared the work was lost, or on its way back to the UK which would have been frustrating, but it finally arrived, and should hopefully be installed now in the shop until September. The webpage that Millicent has put together for the show is inspiring – images and artist statements clearly explain context and inspiration.

BACHT store in Vienna’s First District. My porcelain Feather Boa is wearing the red dress in the window.

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