Shades of Clay at Kunsthuis Gallery

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I’m delighted to be selected to take part in this ceramics show in North Yorkshire. I’ll be sending a number of tea bowls, bottles and funky dishes northwards later this month for the popular Christmas show. Open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 1st November to 26th January. Closed Christmas/New Years weeks.

These pieces celebrate a current obsession with greenycopper glazes. Porcelain slips, glazes and found textures cover the surfaces of handbuilt sculptural vessels. They invite the touch, to stroke. A thing to meditate on.

Bluegreen sea, rippling sand, waves kissing the beach. Azure, ochre, gritty granite, puckered surfaces, searching in rock pools. Memories of childhood places. These are versions of happiness.

Kunsthuis Gallery in Crayke, North Yorkshire.