Antony Gormley at the RA

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During half term we happened to be in London so headed to the Royal Academy to see the long awaited Gormley show. Sadly, the RA no longer take trolley bags in the cloakroom, so Robin and I couldn’t go in to see it together, but also didn’t have time to take it in turns either. So I ended up going in on my own which wasn’t the experience I was hoping for. Despite getting there early in the morning, the noise levels were high, and it felt overcrowded. The massive coiled steel which filled a room and was designed to be climbed through was impressive, but also, treacherous when a young lad near me clumsily waded across the room too fast and a steel sprung back and whacked me on the cheekbone. It was nice to be able to get up close to the life size cast men littered around a room. However, I felt it was more sinister and intriguing to see them on top of buildings; as I experienced in London and Rotterdam, or dotted around on beaches. Not quite the show I thought I was going to see sadly, but may be worth returning when it’s not school holidays.