Broken Beauty

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I was sad not to have these pieces selected this week for an international travelling show. I felt they fulfilled the brief perfectly, were challenging and different. However, it is new work, new ideas and I think there is plenty of scope to continue working on using rusty metal, porcelain and Egyptian paste to create mad and wonderful things. Keep on, keeping on. And good luck to Juan Riusech at Alliages as I’m sure the final show will be fabulous.

Loving the discarded, broken hearted,

I restore, re imagine a new entity.

Shards blended, mended

married unexpectedly with bits

creating a new thing to love.

Don’t give up on me.

We inhabit a world of excess production and over consumption. There is an urgent imperative to ‘make do and mend’ as natural resources increasingly become scarce. Ingenuity, creative thinking, delighting in re-using, re-making, re-loving the broken and overlooked comes naturally to some. Celebrate patina; surface gathered over lifetimes. Worn leather; bottom shuffled and shiny. Objects that once lived a useful life, now neglected. This where I play. Buried nails, broken brick patched with porcelain – purity and the damned. Can you see what I see?

Votive – An offering, a bargaining piece. I give what I have, wrapping my intentions in desperation. The talisman holds the power to change the unthinkable, ward off the inevitable. Believe and rest a while.