Gill Wing Gallery

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I hadn’t ever explored north of the Business Design Centre before, but there are some lovely shops and more importantly a good contemporary art jewellery shop at 182 Upper St. Gill Wing had quite a bit of glitter on show but also some different, quirky, or challenging pieces which were being shown in collaboration with the Association for Contemporary JewelleryTales of the Subconscious – dream jewellery. Several members of Precious Collective had work there, such as Kate Bajic and Viktoria Munzker, so it was nice to see their work live. However, what I did walk out with was a little pâte de verre ‘pod’ by Estelle Burton. I’d researched pâte de verre techniques while doing my Masters, but decided in the end despite it being an enticing path to follow, there wasn’t enough time to explore and would be another self-tutored route, which I could do afterwards. Estelle incorporated wire around the silk cocoons which she uses to create the form, which also rang some bells for me. Similar making techniques. It may be something I will look at again in the future, when I have time … Ha!