Hepworth Wakefield visit

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Robin and I visited The Hepworth Wakefield Gallery on our drive back south from York last week. It was so rainy that a visit to Yorkshire Sculpture Park was out of the question. However, this was a fabulous alternative for a wet day. Planting these gorgeous autumnal trees to offset the grey concrete facade as visitors walked across the bridge was a master stroke. The second master stroke was to head straight to the cafe and pick two of the best cakes EVER! Truly.

The show I was keen to see was one that focussed on early David Hockney and Alan Davie work. I’d never heard of Davie before, but Robin was very excited indeed, having studied him in depth whilst at Loughborough. What stunning pictures. The gestural lines and marks, big paintings, joyful, sexy, fab. It clearly demonstrated just how hugely influenced Hockney was by the work produced by Davie in the early days. A fascinating exhibition – and free too.

I rather liked Peach Time by Davie. I liked the way he used text on canvas, preferring it to Hockney’s outlined words. The shadowing of paint around the black hole reminded me of when I loosely decorate bowls with slip and various layers of glaze, never sure how it’s going to turn out. Waiting for the magic to happen.

View from the HepWake, which made you feel a bit giddy! Even inside.