Visit to Wakefield

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This week involved a long drive up to Wakefield for two days of goal setting and business modelling of Hothouse creative business training. Some excellent speakers, plenty of common sense, combined with space to dream meant that by the end we had a far better grasp of what our current art practice is, but also what we’d like it to be in the future, and how we could make it viable. The first day ended with a visit to the wonderful Hepworth Wakefield Gallery, where we had a whistle stop tour of some of the rooms, and talked to some craft focused individuals and organisations based in the North over a good meal. Above is some of Barbara Hepworth’s work. I particularly loved the wooden Brancusi type pedestal.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Due to another storm arriving in the north, I made the decision not to drive back late after the last session, so got to visit Yorkshire Sculpture Park on my way home the next day. Although it was blowing a hooley, it was nice to be back again.

I was ignorant about Saad Qureshi before I arrived but these sculptures were sited in the chapel which had fabulous windows and light. Fantasy worlds, miniature and dreamlike. It did leave me wondering how they got them in.

Such a delight to walk (stagger in the gusting wind) to the Chapel and discover Ai Weiwei’s Tree outside which I’d last seen at the Royal Academy. A fabulous spot – standing immobile while trees surrounding it are creaking and noisy in the blustery wind.

I was unfamiliar with illustrator Melvyn Evans’ work before, but enjoyed the 1950s style / Alfred Wallis naive / line and pattern markings in his prints (left), but particularly the gesso? and sgraffito scratched lines (right).