Janice Tchalenko at Contemporary Applied Art

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Janice Tchalenko was a favourite tutor of mine when I was studying ceramics at Camberwell School of Art & Craft back in the early 80s. Always smiley, kind and approachable. Her work was finally being shown in New York and her trajectory continuing to soar upward. Years ago, I actually found an early dish of hers in a shop in Yorkshire for £5 !! it is treasured. I certainly couldn’t afford her later on. These pieces above are some of the last she made, currently on show at a retrospective in Contemporary Applied Arts. I love the wonky edges despite being thrown. The loose brushwork. Vibrant colours even though she had recently switched to an electric kiln and therefore had to rework glaze recipes. Like Picasso, she had an intuitive hand. Joyful and vibrant.

Contemporary Applied Arts Celebrating Janice Tchalenko until 14 March 2020