Hothouse 2020

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Well, we never thought that we would be reduced to meeting up virtually this year on Zoom. However, Caroline Jackson of the Crafts Council and Anne-Laure Cano promise to do their best to ensure that delivery of the rest of the creative business programme is as thorough as it can be, under the circumstances. In the meantime, I save money on petrol driving to venues, and gain time experimenting with new ceramic ideas, instead of spending precious hours completing submissions for shows which have all closed for the next few months. I also get to redesign a new website. One of the reasons for moving to Devon was to gain outbuildings for studio space, and a garden to grow veg. Both have proved their worth during the weeks of Lockdown – I can still make and fire work, but also, sow food for the summer (food shopping once a week does not ensure nutritious fruit and veg, and we do not know how long these days of restricted movement will go on for). I am more fortunate than other makers I know who have studios away from home. However, living in this area of the South West is isolating in itself, so I need to ensure I keep in touch with others on Hothouse.

Crafts Council Hothouse programme.

Image: Sarah Porter of Porter + Trundle

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