Design-Nation UK

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I recently applied and was accepted for membership of Design-Nation; an organisation based at the National Centre for Craft and Design in Sleaford. They work hard to both promote and create opportunities for artist makers in the UK. Obviously this is all the harder with the country currently in lockdown, makers isolated and shows cancelled or postponed. Hopefully though, online promotion opportunities and access to free training videos will ease us through these quiet days of making and reflection on craft practice.

It’s very easy to get panicked into thinking we have to do, make, be productive because everyone else is. I know this isn’t the case really, but my email inbox is bombarding me with information of what to do / read / work on while I am at home, which is totally overwhelming. It has taken a few weeks to recalibrate, plant seeds, build rock walls in the garden, finish the goldfish pond, so now I’m in a more stable space to design this website and make new ceramics. The sun is shining after six months of solid rain, it’s all good.

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