Sputnik Babies

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Last week Hothouse training focused on photography. We were very fortunate to have Mark Reeves to lead the first of three sessions. A top photographer of high end furniture and other, he encouraged us to get creative and use props to make interesting images. I found this totally inspiring and exactly what I wanted to introduce into my practice. I’ve always been very reluctant to get to grips with my Nikon so it was good to just play around with settings, f-stops and stuff. These baby Sputniks just came out of the kiln so it was an excellent time to start practicing. I was aiming for Dreamy Dark and Different. I’m pleased with the choice of results achieved, and that I’ve got a cobwebby corner in the wet potting shed to use as a backdrop. I also took a white shot too as that is usually what is wanted for submissions, but my Photoshop skills are negligible so the shadows remain, but in my opinion are of interest because they help describe the wire weaving.

When I moved to the Ceramics dept from Textiles during my MA at Bath Spa University, some of the first objects I made in porcelain were lightweight spheres studded with random nails and high fired. These I called Sputniks, one of which won me first prize at Town Hall Arts, Trowbridge’s Open Call in 2017, and a subsequent exhibition there in 2018. These are mini versions – just 3-4 cm – and cute to hold. New work emerging.

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