Agile Structures Online Festival

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Next Saturday, 27th June, I will be taking part in this online festival featuring creatives working in Devon and Cornwall. Between 12 – 1.30pm six artists will be presenting a six minute talk in quick succession, with a Q&A afterwards. Having just completed a thorough module on Presenting Ourselves for the Craft Council’s Hothouse programme, I decided to put some of what I learnt into action.

Speaking before an audience is not something that I am comfortable with at all, so I began the Presentation module with much trepidation. However, Emma Wainer, the trainer was a fabulous teacher; encouraging and generous in her breadth of knowledge and expertise. She managed to coach the most reluctant participant to find their voice and speak confidently, using a number of exercises for body, breath and delivery.

I’m going to share my experience over the past three months of making in isolation in a beautiful valley in East Devon.

The Festival begins today until Saturday 27th June. For more information and to book a free ticket to join in, click on Agile Structures

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