Fish Traps

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Over the past few months during lockdown I’ve been weaving wire containers which are then filled with porcelain objects. When small, they cradled nicely in the palm of my hand, but of course you have to see how big you can go, these two have managed to become huggable in size. Using the same gauge wires with a larger vessel transmits a sketched-ness – a scribbled black and white drawing in 3D which satisfies me. As I make them they do seem to have a mind of their own, despite the initial shape I have in my head, sometimes they just decide to be different, so I accept this revised form rather than battling to impose my will on the wire… I’d probably lose! Next week I intend to make them even bigger.

The original idea for these forms originated in the woven bamboo and grass fish traps I’d seen in ethnological collections such as Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford and the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam. My favourite kind of museum where I know I will always find something that will inspire me to make.

Image: Robin Shelton Photography

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