London Shows Are Calling Me

Last week I was able to travel to visit some London shows. It almost felt normal … except for the mask on/off and having to preplan and book each exhibition. However, it was worth it to get inspired, and the weather was fabulous too, which always puts London in a good light.

Focus 2020 – London Design Week

First stop was an expedition with fellow Crafts Council Hothouser, Donald Baugh to Chelsea Harbour to see Ting-Ying and Cavaliero Finn galleries taking part in London Design Week. A gorgeous airily light atrium which allowed plenty of space to see the work and walk around. It felt such a treat to see art for real rather than online after so many months, and to talk with others who are passionate about it too.

Caroline Broadhead at Gallery S O

Next day it was a trip down Brick Lane to Gallery S O to see the Caroline Broadhead show. She has recently been concentrating on using small glass beads to create chains and flatwork in a very untraditional way. It is such a beautiful venue, again with plenty of space to appreciate and ‘see’ the pieces.

One of my favourite pieces is top left – stool with the trompe l’oeil shadow – so elegantly simple. It was especially nice to view the show with another jeweller and fellow Hothouser – Faye Hall (top right) looking at a ‘pearl necklace on parquet flooring’ under the stairs, sharing the inspirational space.

Paul Wearing at the Contemporary Ceramics Centre

Next stop was the Contemporary Ceramics Centre where Paul Wearing’s heavily textured glaze vessels were featured. He took part in a Hothouse Zoom critique with the ceramic makers recently so it was lovely to see his work again instead of virtually.

Edmund de Waal at The British Museum

Then over the road to the British Museum for some inspiration in the Oceania and Africa rooms and a peek into Edmund de Waal’s Library of Exile. Shelves of books written by those that have been refugees, alongside tall white vitrines of white vessels and slabs of marble – simply effective. Around the outside of the installation was scribbled writing recording a journey like graffiti on a wall. As only three were supposed to be in the cube at any one time, it was slightly annoying that some people were intent on looking at every single book in the cases, rather than experiencing the whole and shuffling on.

Jan Svoboda at The Photographers Gallery

Finally, I skipped down to the Jan Svoboda photography show at The Photographers Gallery in Soho. A fabulous space with gorgeous images. Black and white, grainy, simple, odd, some reminded me of Andrew Wyeth compositions … slightly off. Atmospheric and inspiring. Against The Light.

Jan Svoboda at The Photographers Gallery


Caroline Broadhead One Thing and Another at Gallery S O

Edmund de Waal Library of Exile at the British Museum

Jan Svoboda Against the Light at The Photographers Gallery

Contemporary Ceramics Centre

Cavaliero Finn gallery

Ting-Ying gallery

Donald Baugh

Faye Hall

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