A colourful ending to 2020

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A Rainbow for Amélie

My granddaughter asked me to make a rainbow rug for her new bedroom for Christmas this year. I’d not hooked a rug for years so it was a joy to raid my fabric boxes and play with colour during the dark days of December.

When I was fourteen I was told by my art teacher that I had ‘no sense of colour’. This was a dashing blow to me because even then I knew I wanted to go to art school. These off the cuff remarks can last a lifetime, but I am finally believing that she was wrong, and have enjoyed mixing colours and textures in this small project. However, it has also been an erroneous belief of mine that a rainbow starts with red on the inside, not the outside! 57 years and I never knew that!! We keep learning, I expect Amélie knows that though; being four and a connoisseur of all things unicorn, etc. Hopefully, she will forgive my error, because I was hooking the green before I discovered my mistake and was not going to unpick it all!

Apart from environmentally-consciously using up fabric ends, it was particularly lovely to include a pale lemon vintage cotton which used to be my mother’s maternity nightie, made for her by my great aunt Mary. A generational heirloom and a legacy.

A promise of sunshine after rain, and a better year for us all in 2021!

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  1. Jackie Gill

    Hi Alison, that looks lovely.
    We have various bits and pieces around the home and garden with family stories like your mother’s lemon nightie, that we have upcycled. Your rainbow error reminds me of Elli when she was 5, she came stamping out of school one day and was inconsolable all evening because the teacher had put up a display with the rainbow in the reverse order. I had never thought about it really, other than ROYGBIV. As Elli was still cross the next morning I had to let the teacher know in case there were any repercussions. At the end of the day the teacher called me over and said she had discussed the rainbow with Elli and explained that when you get a double rainbow the outer one was a reflection of the inner one, so she would put a correct one inside the other one on the display to make it right! She continued to encourage Elli in science, I’m glad to say.
    Happy, healthy New Year, Jackie

    • Alison Brown

      Oh that makes me feel a lot better now! Thanks Jackie. Does that mean I need to make a larger rug for her now which is the right way round? 🙂
      Wishing you a healthy and peaceful 2021 xx

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