Ceramic and Mixed Media Sculpture

Porcelain is my primary material; utilising its properties of luxury and strength to create thin lightweight components which are often juxtaposed with found detritus – purity and the damned. An interdisciplinary methodology encourages curiosity to uncover versions of happiness. When re-imagining new life for the overlooked and discarded, my underlying process is of playfulness – a light touch – simply defining the divining of an essence. For me, clay is something to be poked, prodded and torn; it is subdued only when absolutely necessary.

Allow what is to be

Risks are taken with materials and glazing but this enables magic to happen. In testing the boundaries of these materials I am encouraging the unforeseen; creating discrete objects.

Vessel as abstract painting

Through layering porcelain slip, numerous glazes and the odd lustre a deep unpredictable surface emerges from the kiln. Volcanic blisters melt and meld over a range of hand-formed dishes and bottles, blessed by the kiln gods. Textural vessels touched by the lightness of imperfection and spontaneity. Signature marks of the hand celebrate the art of the intuitive brushstroke. Unique objects. 

Bluegreen sea, rippling sand, waves kissing the beach. Azure, ochre, gritty granite, foaming surfaces, memories of childhood places. This is where I play.